Set up two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA) is a double-check to verify that you are the correct person logging into your OWA, Workday, and Remote Desktop accounts. This is designed to protect you from those operating remotely using a trusted personal mobile device. This acts as a setup of two locks to your secure door: the first lock is your password, and the second lock is your mobile device.

Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app from your app store on your mobile device. Android instructions or iPhone instructions.

Step 2: From your PC, setup your account for the additional security verification by going to the following website:

  1. Enter your employee email address. (

If you're a student, you may need to sign out of your student Microsoft account by completely signing out of yout student email email account in order to sign into your employee Microsoft Account. 

Enter your employee email address

  1. You will be redirected to the Palm Beach State sign on page, enter your password here


  1. Click "Set it up now". 

  1. Choose "Mobile app" as your preferred method of verification.
  • Recommended: By choosing the ‘approval notification’ option, a message will be sent to your phone that will ask you to press approve, then you will be logged in. This method requires wifi or a cell phone signal to work.
  • By choosing the ‘security code’ option will generate a code on your phone to enter on your log on screen, after entering the code you will be logged in.  You should choose this option if your wifi or cell signal is spotty or sometimes unreliable.
  1. Select "Set up" to configure the mobile device.

  1. Hover your phone's camera in front of the bar code on your computer screen. Your phone will automatically detect the QR code.

  1. From the Authentication Window select "Next." A test verification will be sent to your mobile device, select approve to move forward.



  1. You will be prompted to set up an additional security verification method. Microsoft will use this secondary method if you lose access to the mobile app. 
  • Recommended: Authentication phone -  You can choose any phone number to authenticate with. You should immediately receive a call from Microsoft from an Unknown number. When prompted, press # to authenticate.
  • Office phone - Your college-provided office number should automatically populate. Since 2FA is currently only required for off-campus usage, this option is not recommended as a method of verification. You should immediately receive a call from Microsoft from an Unknown number. When prompted, press # to authenticate.
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