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Outlook Web App (OWA) is now Outlook on the Web.

This form must be used to request approval for all College flyers. Please allow 2 working days for CRM to begin the review process.
- Attach your WORKING file to the ticket (Word document or Publisher file)
- You will receive an email confirming your flyer has been approved. Please only download and use the CRM-Final file.
- If your event has not been posted to the College calendar, please submit a Calendar Request.

insurance and beneficiaries

If you know your password, you can change it here.

supervisory org, job title, create new position, job profile and job description

Request the creation of a new job aid or an update to an existing one.

Request a new video or an update to an existing video.

This form should be used to request that CRM professionals review work prior to producing or posting for the public.

Words matter. Make sure your text says what you mean. CRM provides editing, proofreading and writing services.

Advanced booking requests for equipment or technical support for Events.

Use this form to request all campus-wide events be added to the events calendar display on the home page.

Palm Beach State College is committed to an academic and working environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation. View Board Policy 6Hx-18-5.86, Harassment Policy Including Sexual Harassment and Complaint Procedures for all Types of Harassment or Discrimination found here

All employees, students, and applicants for employment, applicants for student admission, volunteers, contractors and visitors who believe they may have been harassed, discriminated or retaliated against are to bring their concerns to the Executive Director of Human Resources or the Assistant Human Resources Director and Equity Officer.